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Don't Forget - Next Circle Zoom Meeting - 7.30pm Monday 9th November. Next Zoom Video Conference Circle meeting is on Monday 9th November to commence at 7.30pm. Full details are e-mailed to Circle Brothers and Province. Please consult for further information on how to join the Zoom meeting. The meeting will open at 7.00pm to allow Brothers to join and Register prior the start of the meeting. The Council have agreed that we should continue with virtual meetings as advised by GBNC. Visitors and Apologies. Please notify Brother Secretary Bob Grace whether you will be joining the Zoom meeting. He...
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Welcome to the South Liverpool Catenian Circle (No 164) Site

Welcome to The South Liverpool Catenian website. I am sure you will be saying to yourself, “ Who are the Catenians?” “What do they do?” and “If I like what I read and see, is it an organisation that I, and indeed my family, would like to be a part of?”

The Catenian Association has its origins in the early part of the 20th century and is now an international association of Catholic laymen. We are working hard to expand our membership. We are a social organisation, open to all practising catholic men over 21 years of age regardless of race, profession or level of income. South Liverpool Catenians is not geographically based and has members from both Liverpool and further afield, including the Wirral. Our monthly meetings occur on the second Monday of the month at the Hallmark Hotel, South Liverpool.

We are a group of practising Catholics who pray and play together. We are not a pressure group, nor a fundraising body, although we do have charitable goals and aspirations. The development of catholic youth is of great importance to us.

Apart from our monthly one hour meetings, the overwhelming social and spiritual activities of the association are designed for the participation and enjoyment of the whole family and our friends.

Our website has been created to service and inform three groups:
1. Current members, their family and friends,
2. Members from other Catenian Circles and their family and friends,
3. Probably most importantly, prospective new members, their family and friends.
New members are our future and with them we will evolve to meet the needs of generations to come.
Our website provides information on our social activities; past present and future, our spiritual activities and on the many other facets of Catenianism that prospective new members would wish to know.

This site will develop continuously to meet the needs of all who use it and embrace ideas put forward from all our browsers. Please enjoy your visit to our website and feel free to contact us via the email addresses on our contact page. We invite feedback about this Site also. God Bless, David Willson, President 2020-21

11.00am, Saturday 17th October, Zoom Social meeting: Tales from the Courts

At 11am, Saturday 17th October, Liverpool South Circle(164) are holding a Zoom Video Conferencing Social meeting: Tales from the Courts....

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Don’t Forget – Next Circle Zoom Meeting – 7.30pm Monday 9th November. Next Zoom Video Conference Circle meeting is on...

Our very own Family Quiz

When it was announced way back in the middle of March 2020 that we were to be in ‘Lockdown’, one...

12noon, Sat. 15th August, – Zoom meeting – Feast Of the Assumption and V.J. Day.commemoration

At 12noon, Saturday 15th August, Liverpool South Circle(164) are holding a Zoom Video Conferencing Social meeting to celebrate the Feast...

The History of Clayton Square – Phil Gray Sat 1st August – 2.00pm.

On Saturday 1st August at 2.00pm, Brother Phil Gray will give a short talk by Video Conferencing on the history...

WhatsApp – (A Catenian View)

What a friend we have in WhatsApp! In true Catenian tradition, this remarkable means of communication has worked its way...

Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

All meetings and social events are postponed/cancelled until September 2020. The Council will review the situation in June 2020, dependent...

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