11.00am, Saturday 17th October, Zoom Social meeting: Tales from the Courts

At 11am, Saturday 17th October, Liverpool South Circle(164) are holding a Zoom Video Conferencing Social meeting: Tales from the Courts.

Brother Jim Reid Is giving a presentation entitled: ‘Tales from the Courts’ describing his experiences in his working life as a senior manager in the Liverpool Crown Courts. He has a wealth of anecdotes which will keep you entertained and amused.

All are invited, Brothers, Ladies, Family and Friends, to what will be both fascinating insight in the the Courts and their inner workings.

I will open the meeting at 10.30am, Saturday 17th October to allow people to join and have an informal chat before the meeting starts at 11am. Have a cup of coffee or something stronger to enjoy before or during the meeting. Details will be circulated to Province. The invite will be circulated separately to Brothers by e-mail.

David Willson,

President, South Liverpool Circle(164).