Ladies Post Circle Dinner – 8th July 2019. Focus on Youth.

South Liverpool Circle held a very successful Ladies Post Circle Dinner on 8th July 2019. 56 Brothers, Wives and Guests attended. The focus of the evening was Catholic Youth.

After dinner, Brother Tony Charnock, Secretary of the the Bursary Fund, was presented with a cheque for £3,000.00 by Brother Charles Boulton. Brother Charles had raised this magnificent sum from sponsorship by completing the Mersey Half Marathon. A full report is in the accompanying article.

This was followed by an eloquent address by a young Catholic, Matthew Pearson. He received Bursary Awards at University  He did not apply for awards until he was at at University and joined the Catholic Chaplaincy. He said  he was grateful to the Association  for the three awards he had received (2 for  HCPT Pilgrimages and the other for a five week project in Zimbabwe under the auspices of the Redemptorists) He also said the experiences, encouraged by the Association through the awards with the support of the Catholic Chaplaincy, enhanced his faith . His faith gave him a sense of community and direction. He is proud to a young catholic and continues as a member of Bishop Eton Parish.

Matthew Pearson.

Our thanks go to Matthew for sharing his experience which illustrates the role of the Catenian Bursary Fund in supporting Catholic youth.