Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

All meetings and social events are postponed/cancelled until September 2020. The Council will review the situation in June 2020, dependent on Government instructions.

What’s App Group: Catenians, administered by Phil Gray and Pam Reid, has been formed for the Circle to keep all Brothers and wives in contact. If any Brother/Lady has not joined and wishes to do so, please e-mail or text your mobile number to either Phil Gray or Pam Reid.

An updated contact list has been e-mailed to all Brothers. If any Brother has not received it or they need to change any details, please forward details to Bob Grace, Secretary.

The Council is creating 5/6 Cluster Groups to support Brothers with more immediate needs or the chance of a chat. Either mobile or land-line numbers may be used.

Brother President Phil Gray will regularly e-mail on a daily basis to check how the Circle Brothers and their Ladies are coping with the Social Distancing and all the pressures of the situation.

A daily quiz has been implemented, which is circulated to Brothers and their Ladies. Paul McCarthy is the quiz master. We are are all invited to answer the five questions. The answers and the first to supply the correct five answers will be circulated in the evening.

Brother Ian Hollows will lead on daily prayers which will be circulated to all by e-mail. The Council’s hopes and prayers are with you and yours and we hope that you all stay well and are in good spirits.