Right to Life Walk, Clitheroe, 26th May 2014

Clitheroe 2014

It was a glorious sunny day for a riverside stroll, unlike last year with its continual rain. The setting was perfect. The River Ribble meandered its way westwards from beneath the shadow of Pendle Hill , noisy and fast flowing, occasionally giving way to swirling pools where wading fishermen gently cast their lines, trying to lure the hungry trout. Birds and mallards went about the business of early Summer, and families picnicked on the banks, children splashing in the water with their pets. Every bend in the river provided as new landscape, a picture of inspiration for Monet and Vaughan Williams, and crafted by God.

My thoughts turned to the many conversations shared with the late Fr Tony Hodgetts CSsR. He suggested that when walking for the handicapped or unborn, the absence of blisters was due to being “carried by the angels of the unborn”. Those unique souls have been denied the right of a fully human relationship with God, never able to gaze on the natural wonders of His creation. Such denial of life has been inflicted upon millions of such souls since the introduction of David Steele’s Abortion Act into “a world that seeks autonomy from God, a world that is an object of possession in every sense of the word….a world that was created to lead us to God…has turned into an evil world”(Pope Francis)

It was a privilege to be able to take part of this walk to raise funds for parliamentary “Right to Life” and rewarding to see so many families and young people amongst the hundred plus who walked the 8 miles. Wearily we reached the parish hall at Our Lady of the Valley, St Michael & St John’s Church, Clitheroe, and received the usual wonderful hospitality, home-made cakes, tea and sandwiches. Two of the walkers, parliamentarians, Lord Alton of Liverpool and Jim Dobbin MP, told us about developments in the work of “Right to Life”, continually alert and often ridiculed as they courageously continue the fight for the sanctity of life. They warned of the attempt by Lord Falconer to legalise “assisted suicide”. If successful it would place Britain close behind Holland and Belgium (successors to Nazi Germany on the issue!) and we would almost certainly follow Holland where nearly one quarter of those “assisted” to die have not given their authorisation, and mobile units travel the country providing a suicide “service”.

Thanks to the organisation skills of Moira Billinge, and the hospitality of the local parishioners, the day had been a success. It had been a rewarding day, renewing acquaintances and making new friends. After farewells to our hosts it was home collect sponsorship money and look forward to next year’s May Bank Holiday event, hoping for better support from Liverpool!
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(Alternatively I will gladly forward any sponsorship money to her)
For more information: www.righttolife.org.uk

Dave Hart