Successful 750th Meeting, 12th April 2021.

A successful 750th Meeting was held using Zoom Video conferencing in the presence of GBNC National President Eddie O’Donnell.

A total of 48 Brothers attended, including 23 visiting Brothers. Our Circle Chaplain was also present. The visiting Brothers ranged from far and wide, apart from visitors Province 4, we had on visitor from Malta and another from Mumbai.

President David Willson gave an address, extracts are published below:

‘It is important that we acknowledge the support our Ladies give to the Brothers. To quote an often-used expression ‘Behind every good man is a good lady’. They work in the background and are a vital part of the Association’s continuing success, especially in the social activities.

President Eddie O’Donnell, thank you for joining this 750th meeting of the South Liverpool circle and your presence is a singular honour. You became GBNC President in May last year and you have had to navigate a difficult year with all the restrictions. I know the Eddie has managed to attend many Zoom meetings maintaining the link between the Circles and the GBNC.

I would now like to review the years since our 700th meeting. I personally thank the Council for its support to me in governing the Circle. May I acknowledge and thank the work of the Council in supporting the previous Presidents since the 700th meeting. Of major importance in the continuing success of the Circle has been the role of Brother Philip Grey, who was President for three years prior to my installation last May.

We also remember the deceased brothers: Jim Burke, Tim Fitzgerald, Charles Doyle and Joe Gonsalves. They were active members of the circle and their presence is sorely missed. 

Our regular social events until this last year have been well supported. We will be continuing as soon as possible the family race day, the wine tasting at which Brothers their Ladies and Guests from other circles join us at the Adelphi. The New Year’s Philharmonic concert has been a regular feature which Brothers and their wives have enjoyed. Our 65th anniversary was celebrated in style with a Sapphire dinner.’

The President then proposed the toast to the Ladies and Visitors. The Ladies are an essential part of the Catenian ethos ‘Strengthening family life through friendship and faith’. Visitors are integral to the success of our Circle especially in this last year. It has being a real pleasure to welcome visitors from all over the country and I thank again GB NC President Eddie O’Donnell and all our visitors for joining us this evening.

GBNC National President then replied on behalf of the Ladies and Visitors. He congratulated the Circle on continuing to meet using Zoom. He praised the founding of the Circle in 1954 and its ongoing success.     

All then enjoyed a quiz  and the meeting closed at 9.00pm.

David Willson, President.