Successful Clergy Night, Monday 8th February 2021

A successful virtual Clergy Night took place at our meeting on 8th February 2021. Local Clergy were invited and nine joined us at our meeting using Zoom. They were: Cardinal Michael: Fr Terry: Fr Ferdinand(PP) from the White Fathers Community, St Vincent de Paul, Fr Pat O’Brien – retired, Deacon Greg Juhasz – Bishop Eton, Deacons Paul McNicholl and Jeremy Mitchinson – St Charles and Brothers Francis and Jim from the SFX community..

Fr Terry addressed the meeting on two projects, the conversion of a confessional at St Vincent De Paul Church into a kitchen to assist in their work as a community hub and the re-equipping of a mission in Tigray, Ethiopia, ransacked by rebels. He made a request for donations to assist either project.

Deacons Paul and Jeremy described the pandemic as having resulted in many Parishioners losing the support they get from regular church attendance and becoming isolated and lonely. He suggested that the Catenians could be involved in initiatives to bring the community together. Deacon Greg described a similar situation with students in Hope University.

Cardinal Michael closed the meeting with a prayer for safety for all and progress in the fight against the pandemic.

The post meeting quiz was held with the Clergy participating.

David Willson, President.