Tim Fitzgerald – Legion d’honneur

Tim Fitzgerald – Legion d’honneur.

Presentation at Liverpool Town Hall, 23rd January 2017.


Tim Fitzgerald, a long standing member of Liverpool South (164), was awarded France’s highest honour, The Legion d’honneur, at a special ceremony on Monday 23rd January at Liverpool Town Hall. Seven distinguished veterans of the liberation of France were also honoured, the awards being presented by Mr Philip Daniel, Honorary Consul.

Tim landed in Bayeux, Normandy, in August 1944 with the Irish Guards Infantry Division. As a Corporal, he fought his way through France, Belgium, Holland and into northern Germany to the Danish border. As a member of the occupying forces he was member of a small team responsible for the arrest and detention of Lord Haw-Haw, William Joyce.

Tim’s Honour has already been recognised by Liverpool South, with a celebratory dinner after a circle meeting at which he was presented with a scroll commemorating his achievement.

Tim was accompanied by two of his sons, Tony Line from Liverpool South and two members of the Irish Guards Comrades Association, Chairman Major Kenny and Treasurer Corporal Roche. Also present was the High Sheriff of Merseyside, Jim Davies OBE.