Visit: Western Approaches – Saturday 1st February 2020

Brother President is organising a visit to Western Approaches, the war rooms and Headquarters of the Battle of the Atlantic during the Second World War in Liverpool on Saturday 1st February, 2020. The War Rooms are situated at 1-3 Rumford Street, Exchange Flags, Liverpool L2 8SZ. The Operations Room has remained exactly how as it was left when the doors were closed on 15 August 1945. Full details are available on the website:

The labyrinth of rooms and offices is a precious time capsule and although the 300 war time staff have long gone, a visit to the museum will transport you back to that time and make you ask questions about the people who once worked there.

Self-guided tours take approx 1 – 1.5 hours

This includes time for hot drinks and biscuits available at war time prices.

Walk through hidden rooms and discover the stories locked in the WW2 bunker that protected the tactics of the British Armed Forces plotting to bulwark the Western Approaches and aid the Allied victory.

Please come and enjoy a visit to to a significant slice of Liverpool’s history with the Brothers of South Liverpool Catenians. Please notify Brother President Phil Gray or our Secretary Bob Grace with your name and details of all visiting. Contact details are in the Directory. Friends and Families welcome. The cost will be £11.50 per person with a group of 10 or over, full details of admission prices are on the website.