Visiting Brothers

Circle President David Willson extends a warm welcome to all visiting Brothers…

A warm welcome is extended to all visiting Brothers. Please notify Brother Secretary if you are attending our Circle meetings which are now, in the current situation, a Zoom Video Conference. Full details of the Zoom meetings have been circulated to Brothers and Province.

Our Circle and social meetings, held at Liverpool Aigburth Hotel, Sefton, Liverpool, will not resume until the hotel is allowing large gatherings.

Please note that we have changed the booking arrangements to enable the menu to be fixed a week in advance and then circulated to enable any dietary requests before the meeting. Therefore all bookings and apologies must be received on the preceding Sunday a week before the meeting.

If you would like to enjoy dinner with us, after the meeting, we do ask you to book a meal by the Sunday evening seven days before our Circle meeting. Cancellation after the deadline may result in a charge.

The cost of the three course dinner at the Hotel is payable when you dine.

To book, please email:

Robert Grace (Secretary):  robertgracedxg [at]

and Phil Gray (Dining Secretary):   philip.gray [at]

Please note – your booking will be confirmed when you receive the confirmation email.

You can register several visiting Brothers at once – or Brothers and their wives for the Ladies Nights (these are held three times a year – in April, July and December).