WhatsApp – (A Catenian View)

What a friend we have in WhatsApp! In true Catenian tradition, this remarkable means of communication has worked its way into the hearts and minds of many a novice tech enabled senior (I include myself in this number).

When we look at our own use of this app; we see that it has the ability to deliver information, give joy and mirth and give a feeling of security to those alone. They know that when they type “Good Night, God Bless”, there will always be a few replies acknowledging and offering words of comfort for a peaceful night.

A big thank you to all our app members…to Phil for all the effort made with David and Bob to ensure that we will have an association, stronger in all ways to return to when this curse releases its grip. Thanks to all who participate in the banter that gives great pleasure. Thanks to Pam for making sure that new members can access the group. A loud cheer for technology, without which we would be all the poorer.

Imagine no Zoom to enable us to continue our meetings and to converse and enjoy contacts forbidden at this time in order to ensure our safety. Imagine no daily quiz from Paul, we would all be the worse for not having that most stimulating event.

The biggest thanks must go in the inimitable words of Leonard Sachs from the Good Old Days:

“And Chiefly Yourselves!”

Stay safe and God Bless.

Jim Reid – Council, South Liverpool Circle.